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Register Now for the Huntsville State Park Campout, September 19-21

Posted on Aug 21 2014 - 11:38am

Click here to register your attendance or regrets and be sure to complete and return your Parent Activity Consent Form.  Huntsville State Park sits near the western edge of the southern pine belt. This area has mild, wet winters and hot, rainy summers.  Three streams flow into the park’s lake, Lake Raven – Prairie Branch, Big Chinquapin Creek and Little Chinquapin Creek. Prairie Branch drains the lake, joining East Sandy Creek which in turn feeds the West Fork of the San Jacinto River 6.8 miles downstream of the park.  Loblolly pines form the canopy along with southern red oaks and sweetgums in the uplands. In lower areas, along streams and creeks, water oaks, white oaks, blackgum and sweetgum form the canopy. These communities intermingle on the many slopes in the park.  Smaller trees grow under the canopy: post oaks, mockernut hickory, ironwood, red maples and American holly. At various times of the year, you might see flowering plants such as dogwood, American beautyberry and Turk’s cap.  White-tailed deer, opossum, mole, skunk, raccoon and eastern gray squirrel are abundant. Alligators, largemouth bass and crappie live in the lake.

High Adventure At Camp Orr

Posted on Jul 20 2014 - 8:38pm

Kyle Sestak created a newsletter recapping the Troop's High Adventure tour of the Buffalo River - check it out!

Vehicle Information Needed for Tour Plans

Posted on Jul 2 2014 - 9:59pm

It is time once again to update our Troopmaster database with vehicle information.  In summary, the BSA Tour & Activity plan requires us to identify, along with names of all adults attending the activity, the vehicle make, model, and year of all drivers.  Therefore, if you expect to drive yourself and/or a Scout to any activity within the upcoming year, please forward the make, model, and year of your vehicle to the address below.  Also, when you register for an activity, if you plan on driving please indicate that you are a driver in the comments section of the Events Registration page.

Reminder: Annual Health & Medical Record

Posted on Mar 3 2014 - 7:41am

For all those attending summer camp, don't forget to make an appointment with your doctor for an exam and completion of Part C of the Annual Health and Medical Record.  For those not attending camp, you still need to complete Parts A and B annually.  All Scouts and Adults who participate in Scouting activities must complete the Annual Health and Medical Record.  The forms can be accessed on the BSA website.  All Scouts and participating adults must complete complete and return Parts A & B.  Part C requires a physical exam and it should be completed for all Scouts or Adults who are attending summer camp or who wish to participate in strenuous activity with the Troop - remember to schedule your exam now and avoid the end-of-school-rush.  Further information regarding the BSA policy on use of the Annual Health and Medical Record is available here.

Reminder: Expense Reimbursement Policy

Posted on Jan 28 2014 - 10:40am

Adult leaders and Scouts who incur expenses on behalf of the troop may apply to the Treasurer for reimbursment.  If there are any questions regarding whether or not a particular expenditure is reasonable and appropriate, please check with the Committee Chairman, Scoutmaster, or Treasurer before incurring the expense.  Use this form to request reimbursement.  You may staple or tape the receipts to the form.  If no receipt is available, please be sure to include a detailed description of the expenditure.  In order to prevent the appearance of any impropriety, all reimbursements must be approved by the Committee Chairman before the Treasurer can issue the payment.  

Merit Badge Counselors

Posted on Mar 19 2013 - 7:14pm

Scouts, the troop has counselors for many of the merit badges, including most of the Eagle required merit badges.  Scouts who are interested in working on a badge should inform the Scoutmaster who will locate a counselor to determine if the badge can be taught in a meeting or campout setting.   If a particular badge is not available to be taught in an upcoming meeting or campout, a Scout or group of Scouts may work with a counselor directly.  Please click here to see the most recent update of the Troop 1324 Merit Badge Counselor list.

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